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Clashes between police and protesters an almost daily occurrence

Republican Senator Marco Rubio accused the company of becoming a Chinese government censor. There are no official acts of remembrance for the events of in Beijing. But that statement, although factually correct, is far too neutral. In truth, what happened in Tiananmen Square is marked faithfully each year by a massive, national act of what might more properly be called "forgettance".

In the weeks leading up to 4 June, the world's biggest censorship machine goes into overdrive as a huge dragnet of automated algorithms and tens of thousands of human expurgators cleanse the internet of any reference, however oblique. Those deemed to have been too provocative in their attempts to evade the controls can be jailed - with sentences of up to three and a half years recently handed down to a group of men who had tried to commemorate the anniversary with a product label.

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Read more from John. More than one million pro-democracy protesters occupied Tiananmen Square in April and began the largest political demonstration in communist China's history.

China says Tiananmen crackdown was 'correct'

It lasted six weeks. The demonstrators called for greater freedom and democracy and an end to what they called dictatorship - others complained about inflation, salaries and housing. On the night of 3 June tanks moved in and troops opened fire, killing and injuring many unarmed people in and around Tiananmen Square. The Chinese government has never said how many protesters were killed, although estimates range from the hundreds to thousands. Politicians and diplomats meet in Spain as scientists and charities say urgent steps are needed. Asia selected China selected India. Tiananmen Square: China minister defends crackdown 2 June Related Topics Tiananmen Square protests of Media playback is unsupported on your device.

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Tiananmen Lessons for Today – The Diplomat

The Chinese government, in fact, continues to maintain that no one was actually killed in the square itself, despite the event being best known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre throughout the rest of the world. A advocacy group called the Tiananmen Mothers , made up of family members of those who died in the crackdown, have over the years attempted to identify the dead.

As of , they had identified Most of the deaths occurred on the path leading up to the square as the army advanced, firing into the crowds and running people over with vehicles. The death toll was highest around Muxidi, about 2 miles west of the square. The Tiananmen Mothers identified 36 deaths in the immediate area and 18 more in a nearby hospital. British government files declassified in show that the country's ambassador at the time, Sir Alan Ewen Donald, wrote on June 5, , that a Chinese official told him the number of dead was close to 10, Any hope of political reform and liberalization in China was an added casualty of Tiananmen Square.

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The reformers within the party were sidelined, and any attempts at moving China's political system toward democracy have gone nowhere since The Communist Party now values stability at all cost. The Chinese government has doubled down on domestic surveillance to quell any nascent movement before it has a chance to begin. This was the lesson it learned from Tiananmen Square. The government embarked on growing the economy and fostering nationalism.

An elaborate flag raising ceremony to boost patriotism performed by 36 uniformed guards at Tiananmen Square didn't exist until Today, Tiananmen Square is one of most heavily monitored locations in the world. Security cameras cover every inch of the square, and identification must be provided just to visit.

Tank Man: what happened at Tiananmen Square?

Hong Kong is the only territory on Chinese soil that still manages to commemorate the lives lost on the square with an annual vigil as well as the only museum dedicated to the event, which was just reopened earlier this year. On the mainland, the Chinese government's generation-long censorship of the subject appears to have its intended effect. In planning her book, "The People's Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited," journalist Louisa Lim asked students at four Beijing university campuses if they recognized the iconic photo of a man staring down a tank taken in the square on June 5, Only 15 students could identify the picture.

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  • Some did not even know it was taken in China. All rights reserved. Interested in China? Tiananmen Square: 30 years after the crackdown. Prosecutor says charges to be dropped against woman who lost pregnancy in shooting.

    Tank Man: what happened at Tiananmen Square? – video explainer

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    Tiananmen Square organiser fears Hong Kong protests will come to 'showdown moment'

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