The Tricks to Tweets: A brief guide to Twitter for businesses

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Twitter Ads do cost money and can be more expensive than Facebook Ads , but they can still help increase engagement when you need it. Promoted tweets work best for this purpose. Particularly when you want to drive traffic offsite, this makes Twitter Ads a good, albeit not free, solution. You can create Twitter Ads by locating the tab on the same dropdown menu where you can find Twitter Analytics, which offers reporting features for engagement and conversion tracking.

Conversational Ads are designed purely to increase engagement and brand influence. They follow the idea of promoted tweets but come with the addition of CTAs that encourage users to tweet with hashtags the brand can customize and choose. Social media, for many, has become an environment where many users are inclined to share every thought that pops into their heads. Brands can offer value in different ways; posts can seek to provide value by entertaining, informing, inspiring, or persuading users.

Providing value, in whatever form you choose, is among the most important factors to success with content marketing. Hashtags are an essential part of Twitter usage; just like with Instagram , you pretty much expect a Tweet to come with at least one hashtag attached to it. Tapping into trending topics via a popular hashtag is also a great way to increase both engagement and impressions.

You can share up to 4 images in a single tweet, but even using just 1 image is all it takes to drive extra engagement. While images can get more attention than text, videos continue the trend and can outperform images.

How to Be a Top Tweeter: 5 Tips That Will Get Your Tweets Noticed

Twitter Video, released about a year ago, allows you to either record a new video from your smartphone or upload an existing video if you have an iPhone. Video can be a great way to break new stories, offer a behind-the-scenes look, evoke emotion, and give extra life to your posts on Twitter. Videos are dynamic, and it only makes sense they can drastically increase engagement and CTRs.

If you want something, it never hurts to ask. Believe it or not, asking for a retweet directly within your post can increase engagement in the form of retweets. It sounds simple, but it works. This is a great tactic, but only when used sparingly. If a rare CTA is proposed, people will be more likely to take action on it.

If you post it all the time, it will feel like spam and users are much more likely to ignore it. Multiple case studies have shown that tweeting between 1 and 3 times a day was the ideal frequency for brands and offered the highest engagement levels. Once they posted 4 or more in a day, however, engagement actually decreases.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Twitter Account

This will increase the number of audience members who might see your posts, helping to increase engagement because of it. The first offers the opportunity to learn what your customers think while simultaneously promoting your product, and the second is an easy way to build engagement with users and help promote a relationship with them. This Tweet stands out, and is a great way to increase engagement and get clicks on their link. For the record, my answer is Snapchat—love it for marketing, hate it as a user. I could also ask what their favorite blog is, or how they think a new Facebook change could impact businesses.

Not only can this increase engagement, asking questions about what your customers want can provide valuable insight into your audience that could cost a lot of money to get through market research. Using power words and superlatives in a blog headline can increase clicks on it; the same can be said for tweets. Certain words work , and certain words do not. Examples of good power words include:.

When you interact with a major player in your industry , it can help get some eyes on you. On Twitter, even talking about or tagging an industry leader or peer can be enough to get extra eyes and engagement on your post. Whether you start a conversation with them directly or just write a post and tag them in it in a way that makes sense, like by sharing their content or saying you liked their product , they may notice and engage. Especially if they respond or retweet your content, you can continue to get higher levels of engagement if their audience is active.

What Do We Know about Twitter Engagement?

Again, this can also help build relationships with big names in your industry, and they could be more inclined to share some of your content or posts later on, likely helping you to get more engagement when they do. It will make your tweet larger, garnering more attention to it, and makes it more dynamic and rich. Twitter Cards requires you to validate your website with Twitter and add Twitter Card metadata to your site, but it makes your posts more dynamic and can greatly increase CTRs. You can see a great guide on how to install them to your site here.

Some services and software, like Buffer or different social sharing bars, will automatically shorten the link to your content when they post it. Using shortened links will give you more characters, your Tweets will look cleaner, and it can increase retweets. A lot of big brands frequently recycle their best content, if not most of their content; this enables them to get more eyes on high-quality tweets, videos, and links that many users may have missed the first time.

I can say from experience that content that performed well once is likely to perform well again. The idea of recycling content and posts was something that I hated and thought would never work when I first heard about it upon entering the field, as I was sure people would notice and it would drive them crazy, and then I was proven wrong. So much content is being pushed out on so many different platforms, people often miss it the first time, and even if they see it on multiple postings, few notice the replication. And of course the higher in the algorithm you are, the better chance you have at driving more significant engagement.

For best results in driving engagement with live video on Twitter, consider the following best practices:. Almost all of these strategies are free or close to it with Twitter Ads being the exception , and only require a little extra time and an adjustment to the content you may already be creating for Twitter. There are million monthly active users, after all—you just have to find the right strategies to get them to interact with you and your content.

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What do you think? The other 40 percent is curated. This just means I share great posts and articles from others in my network:. I want to hear your story!

The amount of posts you curate and the amount you share that are original will depend on your content output. Customize your own posting ratio to fit the way you operate. I create a ton of content on multiple sites, so I can do this and not share the same pieces over and over. A great way to gain more followers is to start following people, yourself. Get on Twitter and look for relevant people — those in your industry, for example. Search industry terms to find them, e. Follow people that look interesting to you.

Do this for minutes weekly.

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Check your accounts daily and just talk to people. Talking to people is kind of the point.

9 Advanced Twitter Tips and Tricks

Make checking notifications and answering people daily a vital part of your Twitter content plan. Twitter is a place for real community and real conversations, but you have to be real, yourself, to initiate it. Converse with, tweet with, talk with your peers. It will also bring trackbacks to your profile and site, which could get you some valuable leads.

Of course not. There are various statistics about the frequency and number of tweets that need to be published per day.

What can Twitter do for you?

Of course, the higher the number of tweets, the greater the number of Twitter impressions. The opinion of many experts is that 10—15 tweets per day is the optimum number that can gain you more Twitter Impressions. However, depending on the nature of your Twitter account, this might be an exception.