The House of Many Worlds

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He briefly edited Fantastic Universe in , and was an associate editor at Galaxy around the same time. They were published in a paperback omnibus edition by Ace in , with a cover by comic artist Frank Brunner above. It appeared next as Galaxy Science Fiction Novel 12 in , with a cover by Ed Emshwiller middle , and had its last standalone appearance sixteen long years later, as a Curtis Books paperback right , with a great cover by Victor Prezio.

The book version was titled 3 Faces of Time , with a cover by Ed Valigursky.

Are there Parallel Universes? Many-Worlds Theory says Yes!

The House of Many Worlds is a minor classic, still talked about today, though now out of print for nearly 35 years. The Ace edition is not hard to find, and certainly not expensive. The cover was by Frank Brunner. See all of our recent Vintage Treasures here.

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  • Comment by Thomas Parker - May 13, pm. Perhaps I should remedy that omission! I should remedy that omission as well! With the same clean, laconic style and quiet sense of humor beloved to readers of her previous award-winning novels and stories, she weaves together the rich imaginative tradition of the Norse sagas and folktales with persistent concerns of our own time: social and environmental justice, the rights of women and underrepresented peoples, and the desire of working people everywhere for freedom and self-determination.

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    • House of Many-Worlds in Oslo, Norway by Austigard Arkitektur..
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    • Eleanor Arnason is the author of six novels and almost fifty works of shorter fiction. Other works have been shortlisted for both the Nebula and the Hugo.

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      Arnason lives in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Like Kelly Link, Arnason twists traditional narratives into striking new forms. Ed Emshwiller got the cover coloring right on the redhead and added for the first time the fillip that Merwin used as a centerpiece for his plot: a flying car. Karl Stephan's version in the German reprint at the top of the page has the wings coming properly off the top.

      How Emshwiller's wings would fold up underneath the car without jacking it up is a feat beyond the capabilities of origami, much less real-world metals. Rumors of "odd things" draw them to a mysterious mansion on an island off the coast. Odd is a many-world-class understatement. The mansion is a portal between parallel timestreams and they have been recruited into The Watchers, a force for good that keeps the worlds from tearing themselves apart in war.

      Juana, the redhead, is a Watcher who is to be their contact.

      Are We Living in a ‘Many Worlds’ Universe? - Vision Times

      Merwin wisely wastes no time explaining how the Watchers came to be or the black bubble used to transport people across time streams. The next morning Elspeth and Mack are in an alternate time America, driving down a badly maintained two-lane highway in Mack's Pipit. A pipit is "a small, slender, drab bird of open country. At a moment the spies are surely doomed to being caught, "the Pipit's wings, hitherto on this strange world slotted neatly inside the top, slid rapidly out and into flight position.

      The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

      When [Mack] felt their tug the photographer pressed the superdrive button and the sturdy little English vehicle seemed actually to leap ahead with a new freedom. Its wheels left the gravel and automatically the engine pan dropped slightly to become a jet vent. This America is a mixture of ultramodern marvels and backward hangovers from the past, much as Merwin's world was in Here he takes the contrast to an extreme. Flying machines are unknown, save balloons and some rockets.

      The Arrow of Time & The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

      The military has rocket-powered vehicles which you might think would require extremely good, smooth roads for high speed travel, but let that pass and a disintegrator gun. An inn Elspeth and Mack stay in apparently has no refrigeration.