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The amazing thing is that all four men managed to escape the helicopter. Sadly, pilot Leo Rolek suffered a ruptured spleen and died of his injuries three weeks later. Exactly how the accident happened remains unclear from the heavily censored official accident report. But according to a former Sea King pilot, it was notoriously easy to accidentally back the Sea King into the water while in a hover, especially at night.

Resurrected, the Return of Naval Air Station Alameda – Byron Hartshorn

It might still be possible to someday recover some of the wreckage of Helo 66 if it is located off the southern California coast. Several billionaires have demonstrated an interest and capability for deep sea exploration. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sponsored a series of expeditions between and to find and raise the F-1 engines from several Apollo missions that were on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Alameda Naval Air Station - time to redevelop it!

It should not be difficult for a privately funded expedition to locate and raise Helo There is precedent: in an expedition funded by the Discovery Channel and led by Curtis Newport located and raised Liberty Bell 7. There are legal challenges: the US Navy still owns the helicopter and would not cede ownership. The US Navy is a different bureaucracy, but the people interested in doing these searches are not doing so to own what they find, but to preserve what they find, so having the Navy take ownership of the recovered Helo 66 should not be an impediment to the people likely to fund such an operation.

Next to the equipment still left on the lunar surface, Helo 66 is the most famous piece of hardware associated with the Apollo program currently not preserved and on display in a museum.

If it is recovered it is unlikely to end up on one of the aircraft carrier museums, but it could rightfully take its place in the Smithsonian. First, somebody has to find it. William Chun, who manages the VA clinic in Oakland. The clinic will offer health care for at least 9, local veterans, and will serve active duty Air Force and Coast Guard members.

It will have a staff of about Reach Peter Hegarty at or follow him on Twitter. By Peter Hegarty phegarty bayareanewsgroup.

Naval Hospital Oakland

Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. The local team is the third development group Alameda officials negotiated with to come up with a plan. The latest version includes retail shops, office space, hotels and housing: condos and apartments. In the end, city officials devised a work-around to Measure A by increasing the number of affordable housing units on the project.

Oakland first planned to turn the former naval-hospital site into a luxury golf course and high-end senior housing.

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The Navy withdrew its offer and sold the property at auction in to Sun Cal, the same developer that lost its exclusive negotiating rights with Alameda in The property remains undeveloped. Meanwhile, Oakland is trying again, moving forward with plans to convert its shuttered waterfront Army base as part of a massive Port of Oakland expansion. In Alameda, developing the old naval air station will help re-energize a local economy that was largely supported by the 18, people employed at the base.

Coming up with strategies, developments and economic opportunities to re-emerge has taken quite a while, but the ball is rolling, and once the homes are built, Alameda Point will be reborn. Chip Johnson is a San Francisco Chronicle columnist. His column runs on Tuesday and Friday. E-mail: chjohnson sfchronicle.