Religious Studies: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides)

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The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism R68 Encyclopedia of Hinduism, 2nd editon Encyclopedia of Hinduism Call Number: Ref.

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  • Die bruidseisoen: twee novelles: ’n Bruid vir vier Seisoene en Huwelik in die Herfs (Afrikaans Edition).
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C65 V45 S5 S53x M4 L98 V Encyclopedia of Science and Religion 2 volumes. H64 H63 C7 L44 C75 O73x G73 x. Y P6 C72 R3 B26 S27 Part of the series Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore. See also: Browse the "BL" section of the Reference Collection for many more books other than subject encyclopedias on mythology. Encyclopedia of the Paranormal Call Number: Ref. E54 L49 G85 The Greeenhaven Encyclopedia of Witchcraft M46 V3 B34 Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd edition Call Number: Ref. Encyclopedia of Philosophy Call Number: Ref. E5 H Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Z69 A84 Scholarly articles on the works of St.

Augustine and his influence on the thinking of the Western world. C Scholarly essays on a wide variety of topics. Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment Call Number: Ref. E55 Encyclopedia of Postmodernism Call Number: Ref. A Companion to Environmental Philosophy Encyclopedia of Aesthetics Call Number: Ref. The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy Encyclopedia of Empiricism Encyclopedia of Philosophers on Religion Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece Encyclopedia of Chinese Philosophy A66x Encyclopedia of Ethics Call Number: Ref.

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E45 Bioethics, 4th edition Call Number: Ref. Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 2nd edition Call Number: Ref. Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd edition Call Number: Ref. Encyclopedia of Bioethics Call Number: Ref. The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics S34 E64 Nursing Ethics Call Number: Ref.

Religious Studies The Key Concepts Routledge Key Guides

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How could they? What do the religious and the non-religious have in common? What do humanists think about the role of religion in politics, society and the world? What issues do humanists differ on and why? Further suggestions and resources for KS3 teachers www. What is Humanism? BHA [link?

They investigate issues of diversity within and between religions, and the ways in which religion and spirituality are expressed in philosophy, ethics, science and the arts… They understand the importance of dialogue between and among different religions and beliefs. They gain a greater understanding of how religion and belief contribute to community cohesion, recognising the various perceptions people have regarding the roles of religion in the world.

The roles of science, nature and art in humanist thinking and feeling. Is Humanism just another word for philosophy?


Why should it? How can it? Where do moral values come from? Ethical questions where humanists and religious people will often have very different views: sex and relationships; life and death issues — sanctity of life or quality of life? Ethical questions where humanists and religious people will often have similar views but possibly for different reasons: Should we care about the environment and future generations? Should we care about world poverty? What should be done about violence and conflict?

How much is religious language metaphorical and how much is it intended to be taken literally? Can humanists value religious metaphors?

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Are they universal? What about when the clash with religious and cultural traditions? What are our responsibilities for each other? How far do they extend? Should they include responsibility and care for other animals? How does what they think and believe relate to their lives: choice of career, what they do with their earnings; their hopes for the future? Students should have the opportunity to participate in solving school and local problems, through school councils, volunteering, letter writing, petitions… The humanist perspective would arise in the reasoning behind such activities.

Remember me. Sign up to email updates. What are humanists committed to? More in this section. Faith schools. We want pupils from all different backgrounds educated together in a shared environment, rather than separated according to the religious beliefs of their parents. Find out more.

We want a country where institutions such as Parliament are separate from religious organisations, and everyone is treated equally, regardless of their beliefs. Human rights and equality. As humanists, we support the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be allowed to speak, and believe, as they wish. Humanist marriages. Humanist marriages are currently legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not England and Wales. Return to Book Page. Stock photo. Search Results Results 1 -9 of 9.

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  • Religious Studies: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides).

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