Political Engagement as Biblical Mandate

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4 reasons Christians should care about politics

Cite Citation. At a time when national debate centers on same-sex marriage, Christians and their ministers find themselves at the heart of the debate. One very simple reason is that marriage is a ceremony most often performed by ministers. Marriage was designed to reflect the gospel, the message of good news, which all ministers are entrusted to preach. The Bible is explicitly clear that God designed human sexuality and marriage and that His idea for marriage is a union solely between one man and one woman as described in Genesis 2.

Missio Politica: The Mission of Church and Politics

Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul explained that marriage is more than just a union between two people. As in all acts that Christians perform, the goal of marriage is to glorify God. Another reason, is that evangelical ministers in particular, follow an approach to cultural engagement similar to what John Stott, a world renowned evangelical Christian leader suggested in his last book, The Living Church, before his death.

Understanding these principles helps explain why many Christians believe they are to engage in American culture.

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First, in 1 Tim. Second, the fruit of evangelism is a changed life— which leads to a socially responsible person.

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The more that Christians evangelize, the more they will change lives, who will in turn, change the culture. The issues [are] far bigger than that.

There has traditionally been a split among evangelicals as to how believers should understand the Kingdom of God, he said. Some contend that the Kingdom of God is a heavenly reality disconnected from this life while others argue that the Kingdom of God exists on the earth within individual believers.

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The biblical perspective is actually a combination of both positions though, Moore said. There are going to be failures, but ultimately we do not bring in the Kingdom. Christ brings in the Kingdom.

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In the past century, theologians have polarized into two groups when it comes to their beliefs about salvation, Moore said. One group has insisted that salvation is exclusively about transformation of society.