Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics

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The introduction alone — a witty, modest and learned attempt to grapple with the point of songwriting — is worth the cover price. Seeing them all gathered together in one place like this, I was taken aback by how political they are.

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Orgreave, Thatcher, and of course the Cunts who are still running the World all get coverage. Most touchingly, the little girl in Little Girl turns out to be his Mother. The power of a great pop song is that it can turn up anywhere — on the station forecourt, as well as on the dancefloor, when we say goodbye as well as when we say hello.

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  • Mother, Brother, Lover : Selected Lyrics.

Pop songs collect memories the way ornaments collect dust. A great writer catches the details and Jarvis has been a terrific writer — for a long time.

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As a result you can trace in the songs and in their footnotes a vivid miniature social history of Britain, a history that covers the nature of Milk Tray, the significance of Bar Italia, the story of Peter Sutcliffe, the details of Sheffield City Council cheap bus fares policy. In place of this neutered caricature emerges a far more serrated, interesting figure. New poetry: October Today, especially on the back of well-received Pulp reunion shows, Cocker is routinely treated as a national treasure.

At best an English version of Jacques Brel, the Belgium-born chansonnier who satirised the hypocrisies and self-deceptions of the French bourgeoisie, he deserves a better fate. This Cocker, the lyricist who mocked New Labour and Oasis in Cocaine Socialism , who rails against modern plutocracy in C Are Still Running the World , is the bard of resistance and revenge that Mother, Brother, Lover mercifully reasserts.

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Mother, Brother, Lover Selected Lyrics

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Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics

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