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He is the director of Caras y Caretas magazine. He is often seen in the media talking about historical subjects. He is the host of Vida y Vuelta, a television program of historical documentaries and interviews. With Mario Pergolini, Pigna wrote, produced and hosted Alg. This decade was marked by significant rural exodus, many small rural landowners being ruined by the Great Depression, which in turn pushed the country towards import substitution industrialization. The PFA has detachments throughout the country. Until January 1, , it also acted as the local law enforcement agency in the capital, Buenos Aires.

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History The history of this police force can be traced to , when the founder of Buenos Aires, Captain Juan de Garay, established a local militia for defense against potential Native American raids. Incidents of social unrest in subsequent years helped prompt the Fraga Law in , which provided for the inclusion of neighborhood representatives as commissioners in their respective precincts.

The failed Revolution of , by whi. Symbol of the GOU. The Real Audiencia of Charcas, with support from the faculty of University of Saint Francis Xavier, deposed the governor and formed a junta. Those revolutions ranged from the south of modern Colombia to the north of modern Argentina and Chile.

There was great concern about recent developments at Spain.

YPF S. Background From until the FORA Federacion Obrera Regional Argentina was founded by Italian immigrant Pietro Gori, an Italian anarchist of international renown waged a long campaign of general strikes against the employers and against anti-labour legislation.

History and the Popular: Rewriting National Origins at the Argentine Bicentenary

In May , a clash between workers and police left two dead and fifteen injured. In , the feminist-anarchist league was established in Buenos Aires. Toward the end of this decade there arose a situation in which the brutality of the authorities and the militancy of the workers incited each other to greater heights, until, on May Day, , a giant gathering marched through.

Trade unions in Argentina have traditionally played a strong role in the politics of the nation. This Spanish colony included roughly the territories of present-day Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Brazil. It was the first successful revolution in the South American Independence process. A Supreme Central Junta led resistance to Joseph's government and the French occupation of Spain, but eventually suffered a series of reversals that resulted in the Spanish loss of the northern half of the country.

Los Violadores is a punk band from Argentina and the pioneers of the genre in Latin America. History Los Violadores "The Violators", referring to 'breaking the law', as mentioned in one of their songs, "Violadores de la Ley" was founded in by guitarist Hari B born Pedro Braun. In their first years, sometimes they had to perform under the name of Los Voladores "The Flying Ones" because the censorship of the military government did not allow the original name of "Los Violadores".

After a while, Hari left the band and Stuka took his place at the guitar, with El Polaco taking on the bass; the latter was presumably a relative or an acquaintance of Hari B's. Background After successive defeats suffered in the revolutions of and , and not having achieved free and fair elections, the Radical Civic Union entered a serious crisis, which deepened after with the suicide of Leandro N. Onto this core - composed of young men, recruited. Events in the year in Argentina.

August attack against Quintana, while his coach went on to Government House, a man fired several times at Quintana. Buenos Aires: La Bastilla. The consequence of the revolution was that the head of the Viceroyalty, Viceroy Cisneros, was ousted from office, and role of government was assumed by the Primera Junta. There are many reasons, both local and international, that promoted such developments.

The United States had emancipated themselves from the Kingdom of Great Britain in , which provided a tangible example that led Criollos to believe that revolution and independence from Spain could be realis.

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During her husband's third term as president from to , Isabel served as both vice president and First Lady. Following her husband's death in office in , Isabel served as president of Argentina from 1 July to 24 March , when the military took over the government and placed her under house arrest for five years, before exiling her to Spain in She holds the distinction of having been the first woman to have had the title of "President", as opposed to a queen or prime minister.

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In an Argentine judge ordered her arrest over the forced disappearance of an activist in February , on the grounds that the disappearance was authorized by her signing of decrees allowing Argentina's armed forces to take action against "subversives". European Argentines belong to several communities which trace their origins to various migrations from Europe and which have contributed to the country's cultural and demographic variety.

Due to the fact that the main entry point for European immigrants was the Port of Buenos Aires, they settled mainly in the central-eastern region known as the Pam. He completed his studies at the University of La Laguna on the island of Tenerife. Canarian Editors Association.

Todo sobre el libro All about the Book , essay. Iballa, roman. El libro de Barbuzano Barbuzano's Book , Biography. El libro de los guachinches The secret Routes of the Wine , ethnography.

Free Los Mitos De La Historia Argentina 2 Myths Of Argentine History The Spanish

El libro del gofio, ethnography. Historia de Tenerife History of Tenerife , History. An open cabildo deposed him as viceroy during the May Revolution, but he attempted to be the president of the new government junta, thus retaining power. The popular unrest in Buenos Aires did not allow that, so he resigned. He was banished back to Spain shortly after that, and died in Biography Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros was born on January 6, , which is the religious feast of Epiphany day, Hence he was named Baltasar after one of the Biblical Magi.

While in Europe, he was introduced to the ideas of the Enlightenment, which later motivated him to overthrow the reigning Spanish in colonial South America.

The screenplay by Paraguayan writer Augusto Roa Bastos was based on his short story La hija del ministro. It rocketed Sarli to stardom and is now considered a cult classic. The story is a social drama about the exploitation of man. Consequently, Boca is ranked fifth in the world in terms of number of internationally recognized titles, tied with Milan and Independiente, and behind Real Madrid 25 , Barcelona, 20 a. Severino Di Giovanni Chieti, Italy, 17 March — Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1 February , was an Italian anarchist who immigrated to Argentina, where he became the best-known anarchist figure in that country for his campaign of violence in support of Sacco and Vanzetti and antifascism.

Raised right after World War I in a period of deprivations, such as hunger and poverty, his upbringing had a huge impact on his politics. He followed courses to become a teacher, and soon started teaching, before graduating, in a school of his town. The Primera Junta or First Assembly is the most common name given to the first independent government of Argentina. It was created on 25 May , as a result of the events of the May Revolution. The Junta initially had representatives from only Buenos Aires.

The Junta operated at El Fuerte the fort, where the modern Casa Rosada stands , which had been used since as a residence by the Viceroys. Juntas were a form of transitional or emergency g. Controversial anarchist trial defendants Bartolomeo Vanzetti left and Nicola Sacco Nicola Sacco April 22, — August 23, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti June 11, — August 23, were Italian-born American anarchists who were controversially convicted of murdering a guard and a paymaster during the April 15, , armed robbery of the Slater and Morrill Shoe Company in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Seven years later, they were electrocuted in the electric chair at Charlestown State Prison. Both men adhered to an anarchist movement. After a few hours' deliberation on July 14, , the jury convicted Sacco and Vanzetti of first-degree murder and they were sentenced to death by the trial judge. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalised advertising. Click here to learn more or control your settings. All our books are brand new. We ship.

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They were considered primarily responsible for having led the country into a desperate situation.