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Read more Close. Are you sure you want to delete your account? The reference is to the Franco-Prussian War of This war was largely brought on through The instrumentality of Bismarck, who went so far as to falsify French telegrams; it resulted in the defeat of France and the loss of the Alsace-Lorraine territory.

In familiar style, or when the words form really only one idea, partition is expressed by de and the article even when an adjective precedes the noun. Note the plural verb though the singular subjects are not connected by et. The possessive pronoun is used by French soldiers in addressing superior officers. The letter r is as difficult for Tombouctou as it is for the negroes in the Southern States. An example of the popular omission of ne. For ne pourrais-je point?

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The uneducated often use the first person plural with je; t'y sometimes written ti and il represents the interrogative particle also used by the uneducated, it arose by analogy with the sound of the final syllable in such phrases as est-il? Compare the English construction: "he was looking after his property"; this use of the French present participle is incorrect. Un brave homme. Compare un homme brave ; adjectives having secondary meanings precede their nouns when they have the figurative meaning and follow when the literal meaning occurs.

Popular for ce sont les loups. For je. Note that there is no elision with entre except in compound verbs entr'ouvrir , etc. For qu'est-ce qu'ils font il and ils are often pronounced i even by the well educated. Note de Maupassant's choice of names cf. Maloison , etc.

A further example of the popular omission of ne and of the use of a singular verb instead of the agreement of the verb with the real subject. All' represents the vulgar pronunciation of elles with the tendency to omit completely the mute e ; the omission of ne has already been noted. Compare femme sage , and notice the importance of the correct position of the adjective.

Used in the Catholic christening ceremony. A further example of the slurring over of syllables by the uneducated qu' for que , m' for me , vot' for votre , Etc.

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That is, dans l'estomac , the plural may be by analogy with les entrailles. Etymologically the apostrophe is an error. The adjective grand had no distinct feminine form in Latin grandem nor in Old French grant , consequently no e has been omitted; the feminine form of Modern French grande is due to analogy with feminine adjectives where e represents a Latin a bonne , from bona , etc.

A further illustration of de Maupassant's choice of proper names. See note to p. For parce qu'elle est see note to p. For ce qui arrivera , notice the incorrect use of que as subject no elision would occur with qui. For toi see note to p. For guettez ; in the same sentence both y and i represent il see note to p. The question of liaison is difficult for a foreigner, some book on pronunciation such as Geddes, French Pronunciation , Oxford Press should be consulted.

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Notice that the indefinite subject of the infinitive is omitted. The past definite of certain verbs expresses accomplishment, "he had to do it and he did it"; devait would not express the accomplishment of the action. For combien qu'il y en a , that is, combien y a-t-il? When nouveau is placed after the noun, it means "recently appeared," not "other"; nouveau should also be distinguished from neuf , which means "unused" and follows its noun.

The use of son before a feminine noun beginning with a vowel arose by analogy with bon: bon ami, bonne amie , therefore son ami, son amie.

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A dialectic survival of an Old French form in Old French trestot, trestout , etc. The uneducated are fond of introducing que in phrases where it is unnecessary. De sorte or a similar phrase should be supplied before qu'il n'entendit , also before qu'il n'a pas seulement dit. Both stand for plus, the spelling of the latter form represents the frequent pronunciation of s in plus when it stands before a pause.

In this construction tout does not take the feminine form if the following adjective begins with a vowel tout ancienne, etc. Daudet has given the impressions and the experiences of his early life in the two volumes with which he established his reputation: Le Petit Chose and Lettres de Mon Moulin ; in the former he describes the struggles of his boyhood, and in the latter the customs and legends of his native Provence.

The books which he published later are of a different character, marked by the influence of the Naturalistic School, but unlike the other members of this school, he was endowed with a spontaneous, sympathetic nature, which enabled him to feel what he described. Thus while de Maupassant describes with the greatest art what he observes, Daudet sympathetically describes what he observes and feels.

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He had too much originality ever to come completely under the influence of the Naturalists. His best novels are given in the following list; in these he has often been compared with Dickens and Thackeray. Edition: Flammarion, 13 vols. The difference really dates from Roman colonization, which occurred on the Mediterranean some seventy-five years before Caesar conquered northern Gaul l B.

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See Matthew xvi, 34 ff. En is never used before les ; it is rarely used before the singular definite article, when it is so used the article is usually elided. In those cases where en is not used, dans takes its place; en was more frequently used in former times, it is now largely limited to fixed phrases. The following distinctions should also be observed: je ferai cet ouvrage en deux jours two days will be required , je ferai cet ouvrage dans deux jours after two days have elapsed.

As in the dance called the farandole , where a number of people join bands and dance in a long line. The French have always ridiculed the millers; cf. This pronoun does not refer to histoire , but to all that has been told.

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Pie VII. Pius VII was imprisoned by Napoleon l'empereur , l. A conventional manner of representing the goddess. In France the judges hold office for life magistrature assise , while prosecuting attorneys, etc. Used in administering oaths, the person who took the oath raised his right hand toward the crucifix. The former are worn by the judges in the lower courts, the latter by the judges in the courts of appeal.

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The French Department of Justice is now constituted as follows. The Department has at its head a Cabinet Minister Ministre de la Justice and it comprises a civil and a criminal jurisdiction. In each canton is a justice of the peace, in each department a civil court, and in sixteen important cities a court of appeal. Above all courts is the Court of Appeal Cour de Cassation , in the Palais de Justice at Paris ; this court is charged with looking after the strict observance of the Laws.

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  4. Bismarck was given the higher title of Prince in Alexandre Chatrian, Soldatenthal, Villemombles, Most of the literary work of these two men was done jointly, hence their hyphenated signature. Erckmann did most of the writing, Chatrian most of the editing and adapting for the stage.