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Graphics, text, and stats will not tell the full story.


Of course, if your slides are too text-heavy the audience will start reading your slides. Your PowerPoint presentation should be a visual aid , reinforcing your message as a speaker.

They should serve as an outline or highlight reel for relevant data. So how do you walk the line of too little information or a text overload? One word: infographics. PowerPoint is a tool that natively encourages you to create timelines, diagrams, mind maps, etc. Generalize and include a several points to cover into one mind map to show the relation and interconnection of the aspects.

Mind maps like these work better than bulleted lists. PowerPoint makes you use bulleted lists by default. For those wondering how to make a PowerPoint presentation, they probably thought of those old-school bulleted lists first. You should ditch those. Try creating a mind map instead of a bulleted list. By doing this, your info will appear more modern and engaging.

The less content you have on every slide, the more impressive you can make it.

10 PowerPoint Tips to Design Better Presentations | OfficeTeam

And the more likely your audience will remember specific points. If you feel that a bulleted list is the most appropriate form to present your information, use the custom bulleted list style from the PowerPoint template gallery. See them below:. If reading the letters of your presentation is not comfortable from the back of the room, this can ruin the whole experience for some of your listeners. Moreover, observe good contrast and make smart font choices. Keep in mind, that black font on white background gives you the highest contrast and the best readability possible.

The runner up color combination for text and background is white text on dark background. For advice on font choice pay attention to the next tip. Font is a powerful tool of PowerPoint presentation design.

It makes them want to follow you and your slides. Some experts suggest that you forget the standard Microsoft office fonts, such as Times New Roman and Calibri and go for the ones that are more engaging. The best way to find the right font for your PowerPoint presentation is to check out the fonts that are currently popular in web design.

These fonts are typically readable, minimalist, and creative. Inspiration PowerPoint Template is the one that uses the potential of smart font choice to the fullest. With it, your slide captions and titles look bold and attractive, and every single word of the presentation stays readable for every viewer. The second one is the use of bright visuals. Go for high-quality images to create the mood of the presentation.

Go easy on the content, and instead wow your audience with simple, streamlined slides.

This also allows your audience to have a journey-like experience with your PowerPoint presentation. If you want people to attend to your presentation, you should make use of visually stimulating colors. Choose the one that best fits the design of your presentation and get the most out of your listeners with it. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors and try different color combinations to choose the one that best fits your PowerPoint presentation. If you question the power of colors in presentation design, check the Loading PowerPoint Template below:. The color palette, the fonts and the visuals of your presentation should play well together and amplify the message of your presentation.

For instance, if you create a business-oriented presentation, go for the minimalist design, white background and blue or red color accents. Minimize the use of imagery and work hard on your infographics.

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