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Would recommend! Great place for any football fan!

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We were in town for an LFC game. Had a great time. Walking distance to stadiums.

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Rosie was a great host! We really enjoyed this place. It was about a mile and a half from Anfield and we were staying in town for a game. The house is very fun and all new.

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We hope to stay again. Thank you. This home is perfect for anyone traveling into Merseyside for football! Cool touches in the home and location is walking distance to the stadiums.

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Thank you AJ, so pleased you enjoyed your stay in Liverpool, and enjoyed my house. Hosted by Rosie. Response time: within an hour. Learn more. See Activities. Provider I am provider. I am user. Remember me.

Forgot your password? Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. It doesn't require any specific skill. Everyone can enjoy this sport! We can accept bookings during the off-hours. Please book before 6 pm for later hours.

Tags: Phuket golf football. Best Price Guaranteed! Free cancellation 4 days before start. Secure Payment All data is encrypted.

Football Crazy

Pay Later In cash. Additional information Wear comfy shoes and clothes to make your game more enjoyable. Here are the results or here if you are more of a picture person. As the Sheep are quick to point out, they only searched for the word "football" which means football in both English and French , so it is hardly astonishing that English and French speaking countries, albeit not France, come atop the list, whereas countries with their own words to describe the game trailed behind.

France's relatively poor showing can be attributed to the fact that the French frequently use the abbreviated "le foot" to refer to the discipline. Still, some results are harder to account for. How, for instance, did Algeria manage to pip England or Britain to be precise for the top spot?

And what's Hispanophone Uruguay doing in fourth, ahead of Australia and America both of which are bonkers about other sports referred to as "football" to boot? One reason could be that Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in which it won, defeating Argentina; it also emerged victorious in , this time besting Brazil.

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Another possibility is that flaunting English terms may be an attempt to burnish a country's globalising credentials. This goes some way to explain Serbia's and perhaps Greece's high ranking. However, it sheds no light on why cosmopolitan Switzerland which is only partly French speaking and Germany are just behind the Balkan pair. Here, one could adduce terrific foreign language teaching.

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  5. But then, why would the Netherlands and Denmark have done so dismally? Popularity of "football" could also be due to the fact that plenty of national squads' stars play for European clubs, and especially English ones as this piece in a recent issue of The Economist amply illustrates. This dovetails nicely with the top slots of Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and indeed Algeria, all of whose national managers have plucked at least 20 players from clubs on the old continent.