FEAR: A Modern Anthology Of Horror And Terror - Volume 1

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The Institute. Stephen King. The Handmaid's Tale. The Psychology of Time Travel. Kate Mascarenhas. Pan's Labyrinth. Guillermo del Toro. A Game of Thrones Reissue. George R.

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Other than a few, overly convenient moments, this is an enjoyable story that uses a very immediate war as a backdrop but not a preaching point. This story reads like an episode of a TV show specializing in creepy tales, from the dialog to the setting, with a very adult stab at the end. Following the list traps him in his home with an obscene number of feline companions, despite the boons that the machine grants him. The routine persists daily; thirteen people fling him higher and higher with a blanket, as if they want him to look over the wall of the courtyard, until his body can bear no more.

When they stop, he seems to as well, falling asleep before they bring him inside and waking only as they begin flinging him again. A strong tale, more so for its limited action, setting, and characterization; this story offers just as much nausea and horror as the ones before it. Harris serves up some fun with its chills.

Calvin Hollis has scoped out the next big deal at his job in the restaurant field. Close Encounters of the Culinary Kind is a shticky greasy spoon, but a highly successful one, thanks to the secret of its meat marination.

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  5. The owners come clean, and Calvin is left locked in the cooler, forced to make a grim choice. A myriad of paths open up, sprouting from the many judgments he makes. Morris and his wife, Jude, both start to feel sick, weak, and dangerously vulnerable. Charlotte herself seems to be half organic and half electronic, spinning webs that feed off electricity and the people around her. Feelings of dread and descriptions of the sea are built well, allowing the reader to practically scent the salt air. The end is a bit overexplained, but otherwise, the story successfully touches upon the traditional horror tools of fear and a skewed reality.

    Donihe is the stuff horror is made of-one part religion, one part zombies, and one part crazy.

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    It feels like an explanation, a set-up for a longer piece, but the spinning dizziness of a tilted world runs the show. Fine writing and a huge dose of twisted imagination make this tale worth skipping forward to read. When a man in their care dies, Phelps and his partner are bound by a sense of duty to honor his final request.

    Krisch, a nameless homeless man wanders the street witnessing the cruelties of others and taking the worst of human emotion into himself in order to free them. Despins puts a winning lottery ticket in front of Sam, and only a door-and the myriad of specters that haunt his apartment building, keeping him and his neighbors captive in what should be their safe haven-stand between Sam and his million dollars.

    The story reads effortlessly, its parts blended together like a fine recipe. Naden waffles between whether little Anna is evil or just an infant that happens to have superpowers. This vacillation weakens the end of what could have been a powerful story. At times, the prose is stunning, at others, over the top, leaving the reader fighting to follow the story beneath the words. Gwen, the survivor of a vicious attack by several teenage boys, and Justin, who survived a violent attack by neighborhood dogs, find some relief with each other on Thanksgiving from being paraded before their respective relatives, bombarded by looks of horror and pity.

    What haunts them is more solid than the nightmares of the attacks that changed their lives. The vague ending is appropriately doom-filled but left this reader wondering if a more solid conclusion would have strengthened it. The man who won the Nobel Prize for finding a cure to avian influenza experiences emotional turmoil, and nothing is safe, nothing sacred, least of all the child he never knew he wanted until his wife stole him away. Jason and his father charge high prices for the use of Buttons the Clown and the strange fantasy fulfillment he brings. Their busy, and invariably rich, clients leave healthy and satisfied with the toys Buttons gives them.

    Creepy and unexpected, this is one of the best written offerings in the anthology. A cultured man on an endless quest for knowledge and rare books stumbles into the corruptive care of a foreign shopkeeper. The atmosphere of tranquility unravels bit by bit as comprehension dawns, making this a fine homage to H. All the stories in this anthology are fine examples of and additions to the genre of horror. Every once in a while you get lucky with an anthology. You flip through the table of contents and you only see a few names you know.

    You think, Well, maybe. Hell, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while, right? So you read on, waiting to get to the soft, worm-eaten spot in the wood. And you keep reading…and you keep reading…and the soft, worm-eaten spot in the wood never appears. That was what my weekend was like after reading Horror Library, Volume 2 , the latest multi author anthology from Cutting Block Press. Many of the stories included here would fit more or less comfortably under the heading of Splatterpunk. They are disturbing and graphic, they revel in the shock of violence, and many are frankly nihilistic.

    But none of the stories here resort to violence as a smoke screen to hide bad writing. Where you find blood, you also find well-drawn characters, snappy dialogue, and tight plotting.

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    A good many of the stories are science fiction-horror cross genre pieces. Some are dark fantasy.

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    Some are almost gothic. A few are traditional horror in the pulp era sense, with delicious little Twilight Zone style hooks at the end. And there are a few others that simply defy any attempt at classification. There are way too many for that. But I do want to mention two in particular because I like them so damn much. The main character is a photographer. He gets these pictures in his head, pictures of violent, horrible things that are going to happen very soon.

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    Armies from all over the world, and throughout history, have moved through Afghanistan. This story shows you why none of ever managed to stay very long. You need to check out Horror Library, Volume 2. Horror Library Volume II is an excellent collection of short stories that can be enjoyed all at once or savored over many days. The collection has no particular theme and the stories cover a wide variety of subjects..