Asesino de muertos (Spanish Edition)

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Well, thanks for putting that right out there, never mind that I actually wanted to see the movie to figure out the plot twist on my own! Often, movies are given very well thought out, poetic or cryptic titles, that have a meaning and a close relation to the core of the movie. More often than not, those are translated into titles that seem trite and silly, taking away from the movie as a masterpiece yes, movies are works of art.

And does it not miss the whole point of the movie, human warmth?? It is not like Shakespeare is an obscure reference, and has not been translated to practically every language. But why simplify the titles that merit complexity and complicate simple titles? So, while I understand that sometimes, there is no possibility of a literal or accurate translation Die Hard , but even in those cases, the translated title should aim to preserve the intent of the original title.

Actually many titles are often bad translated also towards other languages than just Spanish.

Black Sun (Spanish translation)

The same happen in French and every language too. Speaking 3 languages and having lived in Mexico, and Canada and watching movies in French , English and Spanish I know that. The translation is really cultural, it often varies even between countries of the same language. American movies often have a different title in Latin America than the ones in Spain. Titles even often vary between Mexico and other Latin American countries. The marketing and culture are not the same so the titles tend to be different too. Titles of American movies or from other foreign countries are rarely translated into the same French title in both Canada and Europe and that happens not only into many languages but for any other foreign movies than just American movies.

I know that for the remakes the Americans did from hit movies from France and Canada. All the remake Hollywood mad from French Canadian hit movies or from France movies, were not translated literally either. When we happen to hear how they put the title in USA, we also laugh or find it dumb too. Many English original titles of American movies, are a saying or there is a pun which can not be translated at all or at least can not be said in 2 words or not in the same words.

You have the American mentality but as too often, you guys would like and think all the planet would have the same culture and mentality! It does not works this way.

But here are a few: If they would have translated Mrs Doubtfire in Spanish literally as Sra Doubtfire, it would not be an option. But sometimes we can not translate properly and literally.

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One thing is to understand Spanish but you really have to understand the culture and think in Spanish before criticizing. Up In The Air would not make sense at all translated literally into Spanish. Spanish is not English.

Ernesto de la Cruz

Exceptionally they keep the same English title in Canada even for the French title but rarely. Well, people is more often bilingual in Canada than in Mexico. Understand that. Spanish and French are not English language and culture. It would just make no sense at all translating it literally or keeping the same original title, people would often not get the meaning.

Besides speaking Spanish perfectly I also saw the movie The Help so I could see whether the translation in Spanish makes sense or not and I agree I either see the point. That translation is right and makes sense in French and would make sense in Spanish as well, as it is all about colours and racism.

Maybe as a reference also to Back to the Future.

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In both French and Spanish saying Meet the…could be understood too but is not a Spanish nor French phrase. But the Title Meet the Fockers, could not have had such a pun and literal translation in Spanish and French. Americans often have a hard time understanding all that and that things may differ in other countries as in theirs. What I say is true. I would often hear the same from Americans in Mexico,. Se imponen e imponen a todo lo que es de ellos, su mentalidad, su idioma, si divisa, incluso a su cultura. Y cuando no es como en los EE. In French they often keep the original title or part of it, when it can not be translated.

Why are you criticizing that one? That is dumb and just the same as those Americans criticizing just about nothing and pointless for street names to be in another language in another country and criticize about the voice indications in the subway metro are not in English in Mexico or French Canada My bad! When we travel, we get to adapt ourselves. What you say clearly shows that mentality, the American Empire mentality which we know and which can not be denied.

They tried it with Mexico, with Canada twice and , in Puerto Rico and it worked out, in Cuba too but got out as twice in Canada. In Costa Rica and Panama they tried to do the same. But they do and that is why wherever you go, the Americans are hated. I see once again, your mentality guys is if it is not in English or as in USA it is not god and you are the best and the champions right?

Or am I wrong? I know this because I traveled and as a Canadian in Mexico and wherever in the World, where I have been, Brazil,Morocco, Hawaii, Thailand, Greece, Spain etc etc, they often take us as Americans and they often hate the Americans and we are victims of it so I know that well and they are always pointing out the American Empire mentality as to be rude with us taking us for Americans.

The day you guys will accept and understand that, the World will live much more in peace. I meant …did translate. I changed my text and did not correct myself.


But lot of what you say there is no other option but to find another title because the English American one just makes no sense in French or Spanish or implies a pun or way to speak that does not exist but only in English and often only in American English not even in Australia, England and sometimes not even is in Canadian English.

Sometimes they even have to find another title for English Canada even if it is apparently the same language but they do not always have the same slang and culture even in between USA and English Canada part. I hope you got it. This I learned from a friend who studied Filmmaking. In Mexico the titles of the movies are given by a focus group based on the synopsis, not the movie itself.

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Great post! Here are some of my favorite examples:. Hahahaha, thanks so much for this.

I believe a sub-genre? And that one earns double points for the sexist subtext. I mean, really?

Hola y gracias por leer! The majority of these examples are from Latin America specifically Mexico. Oh, the spanish titles are best? El gran peque se va de ligue Patrick Read Johnson, La semilla del Diablo Roman Polanski, Jing wu ying xiong Fist of Legend?

Jet Li es el mejor luchador Gordon Chan, Beverly Hills Ninja?