ADHD: Strategies for Success:How to Help the Child with ADHD

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Knowing what I do now from my recent research, this is particularly troubling. It is believed that the lifetime trajectory of ADHD is poor, including academic impairment, antisocial relationships, and substance abuse Barkley, Developmental models recognize that socialization experiences may affect the development of self-regulatory capacities and compensatory skills, thus altering the course and outcomes of ADHD Barkley, In any case, as a teenager, I started to recognize I was heading down the wrong course and was scared of the person I was becoming. I know some of you must think I am being very pessimistic, but it is the truth, because from a young age, that is what we are told, so we must get used to it and learn how to overcome it.

I was told by my teachers and guidance counsellors that I would not amount to anything in life.

Educational Strategies

Certainly my dream of going to university was not realistic. High school administration, guidance counsellors, and teachers who hold this view need to rethink the message they are providing students. In contrast to what I was told, when I got to university, I found lots of support. These supports included my family and friends, of course, as they had always been there.

Setting up your child for school success

But there were important university support services as well. University Leadership. I would like to reassure you that university administration is there for its students, even at the highest level. In fact, at my recent convocation for my undergraduate degree, our new president gave his inaugural address after his installation at the fall convocation ceremony. Most surprisingly, in his address, Dr.

Benoit-Antoine Bacon shared with everyone his challenges as a youth and the resultant struggles with mental health. This was very courageous of Dr. Bacon, but so important for a leader. His honesty and openness will aid in breaking down the stigma around mental health and increasing the number of students willing to voice their own mental health concerns. Thank you, Dr. Just as our new president achieved one of his goals, I clearly see potential for me to achieve mine as a child psychologist. At first, I did not use these supports, but like Dr. Pychyl says, you must get started on that dreaded task, and for me that was seeking help.

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I am asking you as readers to just get started on finding your own path or assisting a loved one by using your support networks and resources. Medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I was very hesitant to disclose in this blog post whether I take medication or have ever seen a psychologist for my ADHD. I am only hesitant, because from a young age, I grew up with people constantly commenting on my ADHD and whether I took my medication that day. So, yes! I do still sometimes take medication for ADHD, and as a kid, I saw a psychologist for my behavioral difficulties.

If I only mentioned the resources and strategies used without including my thoughts on medication and therapy , I would not be giving you the whole picture. In fact, medication and therapy were very important factors in my success. I know many people do not support medication for treating ADHD symptoms, but it is important to note that ADHD is in fact a neurodevelopmental disorder comprised of executive functioning deficits, and one of the most effective treatments is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication.

As a kid, I was very impulsive and emotional, and I needed this medication to help with my impulses. As an adult, I mostly use the medication for higher-order executive functioning deficits, because I can still struggle with these as an adult.

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Today, I have found that a low dosage of my medication combined with exercise and meditation, as well as many other supports and strategies, create the balance I need. My family had a difficult time with me when I was young, because of my combination of ADHD symptoms and being the middle child craving constant attention. I am thankful for their perseverance and dedication to raising me and encouraging me to follow my dreams with university.

That being said, the most effective strategies my parents helped me develop were self-regulation and social skills. My parents would frequently remind me of my social skills when I would intrude on people, talk too much, and not take turns all common symptoms of ADHD. In addition, my brother Ryan was a huge resource for me, especially in my first year at university.

He was in his last year of his studies when I was in my first year, and he helped me turn my life around.

Learn what you can do to manage your child’s behavior and deal with common ADHD challenges.

ADHD affected my social interactions and overall social skills. I still can have trouble maintaining relationships. As much as I am a master of hyperactivity and concentration problems, I am also a master of hyper-focus. As a result of this, I tend to push others away when immersed in a task. A combination of my adrenaline-seeking behavior and hyper-focus can still affect my social life greatly, especially friendships and dating.

I met a lot of students who shared the same interests and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Putting myself out there was a huge hurdle for me, because I was always labeled by peers as the "hyper kid" and isolated as such, and I did not want this to carry on in university. In fact, it was quite the opposite when I came to university. I had nothing to be afraid of, and I realized everyone was accepting of me. I developed many pro-social relationships that were crucial to my success. I have found throughout my life that I work best with strong mentors, and it goes back to my grade school teacher, Mr.

We made a connection through sports that allowed me to have a more positive perspective on my schoolwork and education. I am also grateful to have worked with Dr. Pychyl this past year. With the tendency to hyper-focus and the various symptoms of ADHD, I needed to develop a good routine as well as self-care strategies.

Parenting a Child with ADHD - CHADD

Having an exercise routine, sleep routine, and proper diet is very important in fostering success in anyone, specifically students with disabilities. Here are some key aspects of my personal self-care routine. This was a major factor in my low marks that first semester. Sleep is especially important for those with ADHD to maintain glucose levels, executive functioning, and self-regulation throughout the day, and I have learned to incorporate enough sleep into my daily routine. Sleep hygiene is often forgotten as a key health behavior, and it has a major influence on performance and energy throughout the day.

Exercise provides individuals with ADHD the avenue to release some of their unwanted energy and stress. I prefer to take it outside and get off of Netflix. Before learning how to manage my ADHD symptoms, I always waited until the last minute, or I would often forget things. Whether it's taking medication or doing jumping jacks to change your brain chemistry, you will find your own strategy that works.

18 Simple School Strategies for Students With ADHD

We have the ability to think and process information faster than most people, and we need to embrace it, not hide it. If you are not eating enough, how do you expect to have the energy to study and use that mental muscle known as self-regulation? As a result, psychologists like Dr. Meditation has allowed me to let go and not hang onto unwanted thoughts and instead focus on the more important things in life. It has taught me to be forgiving of myself and to control myself when I get nervous or stressed. This is important, as self-forgiveness plays a big role in procrastination and was a problem for me.

Are you more likely to approach or avoid me in the future? The answer is avoid. If you have a grudge or have a negative association with a person, you will avoid, but if you forgive, you will approach. If this is an issue for you, then you should start to consider procrastination as a transgression against the self, and if you forgive yourself, you are more likely to approach the task in the future. It also usually leads to interesting discussions on how prior knowledge can greatly impact understanding. Give students choices: Giving kids a choice in the books they read, activities they complete for a grade visual art display, paper, slide or video presentation, blog, skit, podcast, etc.

Use brain breaks: Students will take breaks anyway, so making breaks a reward is an easy way to keep them on task. I try to help them increase their focus to 15 to 25 minutes of working time, and after periods of concentration, they receive a short break. During the break, students can stretch, sharpen their pencils, get supplies, talk quietly to a friend, or rest.

This timing method, sometimes called the Pomodoro Technique , helps students increase focus over time.