80ies Erotic Photography Vol.06: Erotik Fotos der 80er (German Edition)

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P: When I work on a book I try to stay as close as possible to my intuition.

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I am able to do so because I include the preliminary work, such as the research phase, into the entire process. All the given or found materials as well as the initial research form the basis and make up the framework, serving as parameters in which I have the freedom to create and recreate. P: The narrative more or less alternates with the documentary material. But herein one always arrives at a point at which one needs to ask what the truth is after all. Leafing through a book offers an intimate experience, being perhaps even more voyeuristic than walking past such images in a gallery.

P. Jeffrey Lewis, M.D.

P: The type of paper and the printer I had chosen together with Jurgen. He proposed a paper, which I immediately felt was the right choice. And he knew a good printer in Bruges Die Keure which also worked out really well. P: The type of paper had to be in harmony with the project.

We were looking for a basic and slightly rough paper. And we wanted to have the part with the contact sheets, totalling about 5, photos, printed on a coated paper — more like the papers used in old catalogues: glossy and somewhat outdated. The loose-leafed letter was printed on a thin, semi-translucent US letter-size paper, similar to the one people used for typing in the s and 80s.

We had the book bound such that it falls open easily. It proved a bit more expensive than usual binding methods, but because the book is quite heavy, it was important to do so. We strived for everything to become a unity: story, paper, printing and binding quality, lay-out, typography and so on. Dutch artist Mariken Wessels has made it her business to tell the story of a real-life husband and wife, their failed marriage, sexual frustration and voyeurism via an extraordinary archive of found photographs, collage and sculpture.

Henry My Neighbor allows us to enter into the lives of Henry and Martha, who embarked on a collaborative photographer-muse project together. The result is a corpus of intimate photographs, creepily categorised, labelled, notated and cross-referenced by Henry, which led to the relationship ending and his self-imposed exile. Edited with scrupulous care to build an incomplete narrative, the book is not simply a biography or catalogue raisonne of amateur nude art but something more compelling, dispassionate and altogether unsettling.

The story is quickly told, but the visible legacies that Mariken Wessels has compiled in this book of madness, are strong stuff. Henry and Martha live as a married couple in the suburbs of New York. Henry photographed thousands of nude pictures with his wife and muse as model. The room is wallpapered with her nude pictures. Confronted with this sight she tears the pictures off the wall, throws them literally out on the street, breaks her relationship with Henry, who stays behind alone.

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The remains of the photographs he turns into disturbing meat- and skin collages. After the collages he creates clay figures, even further removed from the actual appearance of his wife. Then he disappears, probably into the woods. Neighbors found the pictures and sculptures in the abandoned apartment. Martha lives elsewhere a lonely life since. A swirl of human obsessions and abysses — fascinating and scary at the same time.

The kind of book only the Dutch can do. De Volkskrant presenteert het jaarlijkse overzicht van Nederlandse fotoboeken. Van de bijna 90 gesignaleerde fotoboeken zijn er 22 samengebracht in de Top Henry my Neighbor is geselecteerd voor de Top 12 van Nederlandse fotoboeken uit Beeldverhaal van een obsessie.

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Anonymus brengt duizenden malen eerbetoon aan verloren liefde, gesignaleerd door Mariken Wessels. On the photo festivals and seminars around the world photo book bubble is discussed. Are there to many photo books published? Are we feed up with photo books? Will people lose interest in photo literature? Photobook entusiast Tommy Arvidson talks about some strange and engaging books that contradict the theory. Photographing today is something we do almost without thinking about it. For example, with a 20 gram camera we can put on the shirt, and automatically takes two photos in minutes.

The idea is that we shall manufacture our own photographic diaries and create visual stories of our lives. Or so we capture a moment in our daily lives with mobile camera, a camera which, according to many tests often technically as good as an SLR only a few years old.

So we are, all, photographers. We want to make a book that is a complete layout program in Ligthroom sending the book on to a print-on-demand company. A week later you have the book in your hand. So maybe we all also potential photo book writers. But if you want to create something that may interest anyone but your closest circle of friends, requires a substantial measure of originality and perhaps a bit of whimsy view of the world.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we use images. We take a picture, put it on the Internet, and forget about it. Simultaneously monitor different types of cameras more and more of our daily lives and the pictures often end up in the net. Many photographers and artists have recognized that with this picture ocean as base materials are great opportunities to create provocative and interesting works.


Many of today's photographic artists often work with computers than with cameras. For some it may seem more tempting to create a new story or comment based on the millions of images already than producing even more images. Berlin-based Joachim Schmid is one of them. He has since been working with found and collected images.

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One of his books is about a painted cross. On various social media loading people up pictures that show themselves in different poses on that particular site. In the book X Marks the Spot Schmid has gathered the type of images. Most smiles, some waving at the camera. It makes us reflect on the willingness of people to be seen, or believe themselves to be seen, even if it takes place in the middle of a memorial for a tragedy. Another artist who is totally focused on the infinite picture that are on the Internet is Mishka Henner.

He has also been called "Web archaeologist". Experience around the world is a single image with infinite resolution. Almost every centimeter of the Earth is photographed and made available via the internet, says Henner via Skype from his home in Manchester, England. His subject largest work is a photographic book about the universe, Astronomical. It consists of twelve bands and contains pages. Each page represents one million kilometers.

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As he himself says, so it is almost impossible to read. Most of the books consists of black sides.

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  • First, on page we see the Earth as a small dot the size of a pinhead. The book was printed by print on demand, but the printer concluded alliance with Henner grounds that it was spent far too much ink. In the book No Man's Land searched Henner up places where men had told each other that there were prostitutes. He visited the sites through Google Street View.